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Bomb Release Unit 46/A
Bomb Release Unit 47/A
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bomb_release_unit_imageBomb Release Units carry and release either dumb or 'smart' bombs on the Strike Eagle. The BRU-46/A and BRU-47/A units are located on the outside of the CFT's or built in other pylons, like the centerline pylon or the two inboard wing pylons. Their components and working mechanisms are very much the same, however there are differences, that's why we discuss them in separate chapters.


When a bomb is being mounted to either a BRU-46/A or BRU-47/A bomb release unit, the bomb`s two suspension lugs are inserted into the mounting mechanism of the unit where the lugs are mechanically locked. Two swaybraces at the unit´s front and rear end can be adjusted to fit the diameter of the bomb body in order to prevent the bomb from swaying around it´s longitudinal axis during flight.

Two pitch valves allow the adjustment of the bomb´s pitch in relation to the BRU-46/A and the aircraft in order to minimize drag and to insure a clean separation of the bomb when released by the crew. The specific pitch depends on type of weapon and weapon station.

The bomb is released when a electrical release signal from the cockpit fires two explosive cartridges to open the mounting mechanism´s locks and cleanly separate the bomb from the BRU-46/A unit. The explosive cartridges are held by two cartridge retainers in the unit´s center section.

Bomb Release Unit 46/A

The BRU-46/A bomb release unit (or bomb rack unit) was designed for use on the F-15E Strike Eagle.

The F-15E utilizes a total of six BRU-46/A units, located in the small outboard CFT stub pylons on each side of the aircraft´s fuselage. Each of these BRU-46/A equipped stub pylons is capable of carrying up to 2,000 pounds.


Bomb Release Unit 47/A

Like the BRU-46/A the BRU-47/A bomb release unit was designed for use on the F-15E Strike Eagle. The F-15E utilizes a total of nine BRU-47/A units.

Three BRU-47/A units are used on each of the two long inboard CFT pylons on each side of the aircrafts fuselage, rated at 2,000 pounds each. The forward (stations LCT-3 and RCT-3) and aft (stations LCT-1 and RCT-1) units of each pylon are wired to support the AIM-7 Sparrow or AIM-120 AMRAAM missile in combination with the LAU-106/A ejector launcher. The mid units (stations LCT-2 and RCT-2) are not wired.

One wired BRU-47/A unit is built into each of the two inboard SUU-59/A underwing pylons of the aircraft and one wired BRU-47/A unit is located in the SUU-73/A centerline pylon under the aircraft´s fuselage.

Each of the wired BRU-47/A bomb release units is capable of carrying the new generation of guided bombs ( JDAM, etc.), which require data exchange with the launch aircraft.


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