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The throttle quadrant of the WSO is placed in the middle of the left instrument panel in the WSO's cockpit. It is very much like the throttle of the pilot, with its two halves (each controlling its respective engine) and its bulky shape. The WSO however should not have problems with reaching the buttons and switches placed at the left and right side simultaneously, since there are only two switches on the right side of the throttle.


The throttle can be freely moved and be put to any setting in between the two limits, null and full afteburner (MAX). For null setting the throttle must be pulled fully backward, afterburner is reached when the pilot pushes the throttle fully forward. There are two detents in between the two limits, one for IDLE power (minimal thrust possible with the engines running) and one for MIL military power (maximum thrust available without afterburner). The friction of throttle movement can be adjusted manually by a small lever at the base of the quadrant.


- Rudder Trim Switch
- Speed Brake Switch
3 - Microphone Switch

The functions of these switches and buttons are the following:

Switch Functions

1 - Rudder Trim Switch: This is a 2-way switch which is used to trim the rudders. When tipped left or right it deflects the rudders thus yawing the jet in the respective direction.

2 - Speed Brake Switch: This is a 3-way (forward, center, aft) switch with a spring loaded default center position. When tipped forward it retracts the speedbrake, when tipped aft it extends the speedbrake. If untouched it automatically jumps back into its center position which lets the pilot control the speedbrake.

3 - Microphone Switch: This is a 2-way switch. When tipped forward the WSO can transmit on radio channel 1, when tipped aft the WSO can transmit on radio channel 2. Channels 3 (forward tip) and 4 (aft tip) will be available in the future.

Friction Adjusting Lever: This is a lever at the base of the throttle quadrant, in front of the rudder trim switch. This lever is used the adjust the force that must be exerted to move the throttle. Moving the lever forward increases, moving it aft decreases this force.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 September 2010

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