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Related Articles is the Internet's leading website on the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle. We are proud to bring the mighty Strike Eagle closer to you and showcase her in details and richness of information which is unparalleled on the net.

argaiv1224 was originally launched as in 2001 by Lutz 'Raptor' Gretschel (below right). Lutz was searching the web for information on his favorite combat aircraft. Disappointed with the amount and quality of information available on the internet at that time, Lutz decided to create a website devoted exclusively to the mighty Strike Eagle and the great people who operate and fly her.

In the meantime, another website ( was launched in 2003 by Szabolcs 'Sabc' Serflek (below left). For Szabolcs the Strike Eagle was a long time passion and he decided to create a website for the jet. His goal was the same as Lutz's: to gather all publicly available information on the F-15E, give it a nice look and have it available for everyone who is after the Mudhen.

Szabolcs 'Sabc' Serflek Lutz 'Raptor' Gretschel

Over the years both websites have become a veritable smorgasbord of F-15E information, facts, images and discussion, however Lutz and Szabolcs took care that their websites should not overlap each other too much. Not until 2006 when they finally decided to merge the two sites and continue under the name of F-15E Strike and later (as an only domain from 2009) as well. The result is here for everyone to see. All of the written content on this site is original in nature and is the result of thousands of hours spent researching the jet. No other site, official or otherwise, comes close to the level of detail and the accuracy of the detail contained within these pages.

We plan to add a comprehensive array of features and articles as time progresses. These will include detailed examination of the aircraft and its operators, all carefully illustrated, as well as candid analysis of model kits and the highly-expensive after market parts for those hunkering after maximum authenticity.

Accept no imitations (there are lots of them)! If it’ accurate, up-to-date, first-hand information that you want (with compliance of OPSEC/COMSEC rules), then this is the site to find it from. If you have a specific question that you can’t answer, then drop by our forums or fire off an e-mail to

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We would like to thank the following persons for their help and support. This list is arranged in alphabetical order, not in any order of importance. We would also like to thank the persons who remained unnamed in this list but also helped us in numerous ways along the way. If you think that your name should be on this list or if you would like your entry in this list changed in any way please send us an email.

Scott van Aken
Stefano Antoniazzi
John "Homer" Appleton
Terry Ashley
Eric Bade
Serge Bailleul
Steve Bamford
Sven de Bevere
Diego Bigolin
Axel "Viper" Boegle
Rob Bominaar
Fyodor Borisov
Alistair Bridges
Ben Brown
Jon Catling
Douglas K.L. Chan
Bernard Charles
Jonathan Chuck
Jakub Cikhart
Bernie Condon
Steve Davies
Robert D. Dedmon
Tom Dolders
TSgt. David C. Fambro
Lt.Col. Troy Fontaine
Jozsef Gal
Scott Germain
Lawrence Hansen
Capt. Randall "Hacker" Haskin
K.J. Hayes
Derek "Hazer" Heyes
Brian Hodgson
Mike "Jorgo" Jorgensen
Florian K.
Rene "Chief" Karreman
Maj. Albert "Jewel" Kennedy
Laszlo Kovari
Koen Leuvering
Chris Lofting
David J. Mackey
J.J. Manek
Kenn Mann
MSgt. John Massi
Tom Murphy
John Myers
Masa Narita
Gerry "Cathus" Neesam
Lt.Col. Jerry "One-Y" Oney
TSgt. Jason Passmore
Danny Peters
MSgt. Kerry Pliler
Tom Rea
Dirk Jan de Ridder
Dave Roof
RObert M. Rossman
Bob Sanchez
Bevin Shively
Jaysen F. Snow
Steve Stohr
Albin Szuromi
Matt Swan
Ted Taylor
SSgt. Tony R. Tolley
Dimitris Triadafillou
Ad Vercruijsse
Tibor Waltner
Roger Whitcomp
Jelle van der Wolf
Robert Woodbury
Colin K. Work
Andreas Zeitler
Sergey Zhvansky
Gyula Zoltan
Gabor Zord


This private site was created for our personal passion of the F-15E. As a fundamental policy we respect copyrights of any third parties with respect to any material found on this site. We always try our best to get permission from the original authors before a new material is published here, but it should be understood that this is not always possible (though never intentional). If you are an owner or license holder of any material found on this site and publication of your material is against your policy or will, then please send us an email and we will change the site (include copyright notice, remove material, etc.) accordingly.

This site contains copyrighted materials which originate either from 3rd parties (with their permission) or from our personal reasearch and authoring work. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, display, transmit or post any material on this site (including text, graphics, images, videos, sounds, files and design elements) without our written permission. Lots of materials on this site are copyrighted by and originate from 3rd parties, who have granted permission to publish their material on THIS site. Please note, that we cannot grant the same permission for YOU on these materials, but if you drop us an email, we will give you contact info to get your permission from the appropriate 3rd party.



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