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Here we try to gather a couple of frequently asked questions to help our users to start using the Strike Eagle Forum (SEF). Tp help you browsing this list, we organized the questions and answers into several 'meaningful' categories.

We are quick to state, that this FAQ is by far not complete, however we enhance it continuously. For this we need your feedback: if you think something is missing from here that shouldn't be missing, then please drop a post in our Suggestion Box or send us an email to Thank you!


How can I register for the SEF?

You cannot register for the SEF only. You can register however for and your registration will be valid for the SEF as well, since our forums are an integral part of the website. To register, click on the blue 'Register' icon in the top right section of the screen and then follow the instructions on screen.

Is registration free?

Yes, absolutely.

How much time will my registration take?

Not more than 1 or 2 days, but usually just a couple of hours. Although an immediate registration would be available, we have to keep spammers out of and for this reason all registration requests have to be validated by a moderator. Validation takes a few seconds, however we are not online 24 hours a day, so you have to wait a bit to be validated. We apologize about this and we ask for your understanding.

What data should I provide during registration?

Not much. Your first and last name, your email, your preferred username and password is required. You can provide us with your city, state and country, however these are not necessary (but helpful to validate your registration). Your real name and email will be visible for administrator only, no other member can see them. Your password will be unavailable to anyone (not even for administrators), however administrators can change it (a helpful feature if you forget your password). In the forums you will always appear with your username.


As you've probably read among site news, was down for almost 3 months for technical and administrative reasons out of our reach. This resulted a situation where some of the SEF content got irrevocably destroyed. To be more precise, posts and user registrations made after 16th June, 2008 will be lost forever. To make things worse ...

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We are glad to announce that the Strike Eagle Forum (or as it is know shortly: the SEF) is launched again for the public and for registered members as well. In harmony with our new website engine, the SEF received a new forum engine, which is deeply integrated with the website and has lots of exciting features, previously unavailable ...

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20101212_imageThis week we offer a functional upgrade: latest posts from The Strike Eagle Forum are now visible on the front page of This upgrade is to make the SEF a bit more visible for our visitors. The 10 latest posts are displayed on the frontpage and by clicking on the post title you can jump to the thread in question ...

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