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A Treasure Chest for F-15E Fans
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Steve Davies: Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle - All-Weather Attack Aircraftalt


Steve Davies:

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle - All-Weather Attack Aircraft

2003, Airlife Books, ISBN 1840 373 784

Hardcover, 7.7" x 10" (19.5 cm x 25 cm), 208 pages, over 250 images

It has taken over 18 months to research and write, and the author estimates that as much as 70% of the text is new information that has yet to reach the public domain. It is, without question, the most detailed, well-researched and authoritative analysis of the F-15E Strike Eagle ever written. It is an absolute must-have for all F-15E enthusiasts, many info within this site comes from this book. rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

A Treasure Chest for F-15E Fans

Order your copy now!

Being the best all-round combat aircraft in the world, the F-15E Strike Eagle is a very popular war machine and is a good subject to write on.

Have you already read books on the Strike Eagle and have you already spent hours on the Internet looking for info? If yes, it's good for you. But if not, please don't do it! Read this book first!

I myself tried the `yes' variant before, but even after all my research this book surprised me with its richness of info and level of detail. This kind of stuff is hard to find even in pieces, not mentioning to have them all in one place.

It covers the F-15E from every angle possible, giving you history, (lots of) technical details, combat records (and some stories even), details, specs and insight into the Strike Eagle community. Very military style, full with abbreviations, it requires attention. And it's technical, yes, expect deep water. Nice and well chosen pictures illustrate it (there are lots of them, unfortunately not all of them in color), including special close-ups of parts of the jet (again something you will not find everywhere).

Packed in a neat hard-cover "casing" you will get 200 pages of intense information and feeling, like a jet blast from the twin engine of the Strike Eagle. Deep insight into the trade and very good connections with the Strike Eagle community - that's the feeling I got from it... and the inability to put it down!

So get a copy and see it for yourself. You will be glad that you did.

About the Author

Steve Davies, author of Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle - All-Weather Attack Aircraft

Steve Davies is a freelance aviation journalist from Cambridge, England. Living near RAF Lakenheath, home of two F-15E Strike Eagle squadrons, he has studied the F-15E intensively for many years; he has even flown the jet twice - an honor bestowed to few civilians.

Besides this book, Steve has written two other books on the subject and he is also the author of tens of articles on the F-15C Eagle/F-15E Strike Eagle and other military aviation subjects for aviation magazines like 'Air Forces Monthly', 'Combat Aircraft', or 'International Air Power Review'.

His close ties to the F-15E community - mostly the 4th Fighter Wing and the 48th Fighter Wing - make him the #1 expert when it comes to the mighty Strike Eagle.

Steve is also a respected aviation photographer. Many of the photographs used in his books were taken by himself and have never been published before, making his books even more valuable.


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Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle
Feb 02 2013 20:43:05
I want this book so much..must not waste time in case it has already been sold.
Is it available on AMAZON ..Thank you for a great review..a definite the guru of all other books no doubt.
Re:Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle
Feb 03 2013 09:17:48
You can order a copy of this book via our webshop.
Just thought to mention...
Re:Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle
May 21 2013 08:28:39
Thanks..been a little busy to order ..but will still be getting one ..

I have one it two already but it never hurts to build up a reference library.

Thank you .

And thanks for the hard work on the forums.